Changing the Course of a Nation

Greg Cowan For Congress 4th District: Where I Stand.

Where I stand

I am Pro-Life.

I am for repealing “Free Trade” agreements. We should use the constitutional protections in Article 1, Section 8, to grow our economy. All trade agreements must be negotiated by Congress in accordance with Article I Section 8 of the US Constitution and not by the World Trade Organization in the UN, and then rubber-stamped by our representatives in Congress.

I am for secure borders. We should strongly oppose those who want to come here illegally and undermine our work force and threaten our national security.

I am for a strong military for the sole purpose of national defense in accordance with our Constitution.

I am for free market principles. Bad management and bad investments should not be rewarded or bailed-out with tax dollars, ever.

I am for constitutionally limited federal government. The “commerce clause” does not give the federal government a blank check to do whatever they please.

I am for strong state and local governments. State and local governments can best determine what is needed in their communities.

I am for returning to the states, public land currently held by the Federal Government. The Federal Government should only hold the land specifically described in the Constitution.

I am for the repeal of the 16th Amendment.

I am for the repeal of the 17th Amendment.

I am for changing the 14th Amendment so children born of illegal immigrants are not automatically granted United States citizenship.

I am for energy independence.

I am for term limits for every elected federal office. Serving the people is a temporary privilege and should never become a career that excludes everything else.

I am for the elimination of Congressional retirements and pensions.

I am for drug testing of every elected or appointed official at the local, state and federal levels of government. The people who represent us should meet the same standards as employees at Home Depot, Wal-mart or the military.

I am for ending foreign aid. Since the end of WWII, we have provided something for nothing to nations that refuse to pull themselves up on their own or to nations that export only hate and violence. Nations around the world have forgotten how to be civil and live peacefully with one another unless the American taxpayer subsidized their good behavior. Foreign aid must end.

I am for a national water policy that helps to control flooding and drought. I propose we build a water system that transfers an over abundance of water in one area to areas in our nation with less water. To accomplish this, we should build more dams, canals, reservoirs and pipelines to move water where it is needed and reduce the catastrophic impact in areas where there is an over abundance or under abundance. We should work to control the flooding of our valuable farmlands, towns and cities and the subsequent loss of billions of dollars in damage, year after year.

I am for personal responsibility and accountability. We must do what is constitutional, not what is popular, easy or convenient. We must return to the values of self-sufficiency and independence and we should expect the same of others.

Greg Cowan
Constitution Party Patriot and Candidate for Missouri’s 4th District