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Post-Election Letter from Bob Peck | Constitution Party of Missouri - Changing the Course of a Nation

Changing the Course of a Nation

Post-Election Letter from Bob Peck

Dear Fellow Constitutionists:

I want to ask all of my fellow Constitution Party members who champion the cause of liberty, and who supported our party’s Presidential candidate, Darrell Castle, to listen to this post election interview in which Darrell addresses the state of the nation and the state of the Constitution Party – http://www.cynthiadavis.net/darrell-castle-presidential-race/

I encourage you to listen, ponder, pray and share this interview with others, especially those in the Constitutional cause. Then, make plans to attend our party’s December 9-10 National Committee meeting in Huntsville, Alabama where Darrell will be addressing these matters in greater detail and where you will be able to interact with him and with fellow Constitutionists in determining the path forward.

I want to publicly thank both Darrell Castle and Scott Bradley for so honorably representing us and for so accurately upholding the standard of what I call courageous Christian Constitutionalism.

When I first came to this cause back in 1996, there was a considerable body of traditional conservatives and constitutional orginalists in the land, many of which were prominent and vocal leaders of the conservative movement. That has changed. A great number of those who were leaders of the cause have died off, grown elderly, inactive, or been replace by voices of a “new conservatism” that does not share our Biblical and Constitutional foundations. Some have simply compromised and caved in to the pressures of political pragmatism in order to “win.”

Darrell Castle and Scott Bradley are among the handful left that I would place into that category of courageous Christian Constitutionalist leaders. I am not saying these things to discourage us. Rather, I am saying these things to encourage us to appreciate the few true Constitutional leaders that we have left and to encourage us rally to their support and help spread their message in the hope that others will catch a vision that most have lost, even among the Christian-conservative-right.

Constitution Party founder, Howard Phillips, drilled into me his oft repeated mantra of “limiting the federal government to its Constitutionally delegated and enumerated powers” and of “restoring Biblical presuppositions of jurisprudence.”

2004 Constitution Party Presidential candidate, Michael Peroutka, made famous the campaign slogan “Honor God, defend the family, restore the republic” and has correctly taught that “there is a God; our rights come from Him; government exists to protect those rights.”

This year, Darrell Castle brought to America the messages of “the rule of law,” “the preservation of western civilization,” and of “charting America’s course as a free and independent nation.”

My point is to ask, where else in America today are you hearing these messages that were once the standard of conservatism? We need to be thankful for, and do what we can to support, the few such voices of courageous Christian Constitutionalism that we have left.

I encourage everyone who is able, to attend the December 9-10 National Committee meeting, both long time national committee members and newcomers to the party who discovered our cause through Darrell Castle’s campaign. It’s time for an honest discussion and evaluation of where we stand and what we’re going to do about it.

I know one thing that I am going to do and that is to remain committed to the guiding principles of our nation’s founders and of our party’s founder. Whether I stand with a million members in the Constitution Party, or stand alone without a Constitution Party to find camaraderie in; whether I have a full slate of Constitutionists to vote for on my ballot, or have to write in names that meet the Biblical and Constitutional standard (as I did for a lot of offices in this election); I don’t plan to change my values to suit the changing times or the changing values of the conservative movement.

Please remember to listen to Darrell’s interview here.


Robert W. Peck

Website: robertpeck.net

State Chairman: Constitution Party of Washington

National Committeeman: Constitution Party

Admin: Constitutional Supply House