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Podcasts by Vice-Chairman, Darrel Castle

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We’re glad to make available for download podcasts created by National Constitution Party Vice-Chairman, Darrel Castle.

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Cynthia Davis – Announcement Speech

Posted on Oct 4, 2011 | 1 comment

Announcement Speech By: Rep. Cynthia Davis October 3, 2011 Today we launch an effort to take the second highest office in the State of Missouri. I am running for Lieutenant Governor because it is time to put principles ahead of politics. Government is broken. It no longer works for the people, but only for the big money special interests. And the problem isn’t just in Washington D.C., it is in Jefferson City as well. For three weeks we have witnessed a circus in Jefferson City that has cost taxpayers over $175,000. All because some people think it would be a good idea for taxpayers to subsidize a so-called China Hub. Never mind that China is an unfair trading partner or that dumping more cheap goods on the market will only hasten the loss of American manufacturing jobs. Never mind...

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Constitution Party Response to “The American Jobs Act”

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President Obama’s Job Speech: A Constitution Party Response By Darrell Castle Vice-Chairman, Constitution Party National Committee Last night President Obama addressed a joint session of Congress and the nation on the subject of jobs. The result was a proposed bill he called “The American Jobs Act,” which he repeatedly urged Congress to pass right away. The president summarized his proposal in a pre-speech announcement by describing it as a series of bipartisan proposals that allow Congress to take immediate action to rebuild the American economy. He went on to say that his proposal would strengthen small businesses, help get Americans back to work, and put more money in the paychecks of the middle class and working American. His proposal would do all this while still reducing the deficit and getting our fiscal house in order. The meat of the...

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Principles Outweigh Politics for Cynthia Davis

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    ‘ In the following article, Cynthia Davis addresses the reasons that compelled her to end her lifelong association with the Republican Party in Missouri. Rep. Davis is refreshingly open and forthright as she details the frustrations of serving in a party with leadership that that does not embrace the principles of constitutional governing. Her recognition as “Missouri’s Most Constitutional Legislator” by the Young Conservatives of America makes her a most welcome addition to the Constitution Party of Missouri. A Letter to the Republican Party Dear Central Committee Members: First, I would like to thank all of you for your kind and understanding words of support and encouragement for my next step. My life, my beliefs, my friends and my core principles remain the same. I intend to be supportive of good candidates from both the Republican and...

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“Endowed, Not Entitled” by Peg Lutsik

Posted on Sep 1, 2011 | 1 comment

Endowed, not Entitled By Peg Lutsik Once upon a time there were two brothers. The older would, by birthright, inherit all that his father owned. A day came when the older wanted something to eat. He had been outside all day, and was hungry. The younger had a meal already prepared. The older asked the younger to give him the dinner. The younger agreed, on the condition that the older would give up his birthright in return for the free meal. The older took the deal, gave up his birthright, and ate. Most of us recognize the story. And we scratch our heads at a person who would give away an entire birthright for one meal. We shouldn’t. We are just like him. America was founded on the recognition that each of us has a birthright of endowed and...

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Governor Nixon Calls Lawmakers to Capitol Sep. 6

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The only thing special about this special session are the benefits targeted for special interest groups.
Governor Nixon is calling Missouri lawmakers back to the Capitol on September 6 in an attempt to push through a bill that failed to make it through the regular session earlier this year. Following the maxim, “If you don’t at first succeed then, try, try, again until you get what you want!”, GOP legislators are promoting this special interest scheme as a “jobs creation “ bill, that will supposedly rescue Missouri from a slumping economy.

Thankfully, there have been plenty of naysayers, who have exposed the backroom dealings that put the Aerotropolis idea before the Missouri lawmakers.
Check out this link for a thorough examination and presentation of the facts of this “China Hub” deal.

Also,tucked away in the economic omnibus bill is the Missouri Science Innovation & Reinvestment Act (MOSIRA). “MOSIRA sets up a fund, channeled through the state budget and to be administered by the pro-cloning Missouri Technology Corporation, to provide state money or tax incentives for new technology businesses, including businesses engaged in human life science research. MOSIRA only requires unethical research to be reported.

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