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  • Caught on the Horns of a Dilemma
    Darrell Castle talks about the growing threat of inflation. Is it really something terrible or just a transitory phase of the economy? Transcription / Notes CAUGHT ON THE HORNS OF A DILEMMA Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. Today is Friday the 18th day of June in the year 2021 and on this Report, I will be talking about the growing threat of inflation. Is inflation really happening and if so, is it really something terrible, something to be feared or is it what the FED and the treasury department say that it is, just a transitory phase of the economy. This is Father’s Day weekend for the Castle family as it is for everyone else. Husband and father are the two greatest roles that a man can have as far as I’m concerned, and I thank God for the opportunity to have those roles in my own life. I’m sure Joan has something wonderful planned for me this weekend, and the family daughter will call from wherever she is in this world. What is going on in this economy right now. Are prices really out of control? Has the FED (the Federal Reserve) lost control of inflation and the economy in general or is it all just a transitory phase as we are often told? When we visit the grocery store or gas station it seems certain that inflation is a reality and not an illusion. It may be transitory, but its effect on our lifestyle and our ability to care for our families is very real. Our standard of living is being diminished every day as prices, especially for commodities we use every day are increasing. It is easy to raise prices on consumer products. All the grocer has to do is change his sign for hamburger from $3.99 per pound to $5.99 per pound and you pay a third more for the simplest American meal. When the gas station changes its sign almost daily and always upward, it costs more to drive to work or to the grocery store or to take the kids to school. When prices for such commodities increase your standard of living falls because your wages do not keep pace. Most working people in America are employed by small business and those businesses are struggling to keep their heads above water right now. I’m not talking about Google, Microsoft, or some Wall Street bank that has billions in assets and should trouble arise for them, the federal government is there ready to use your money to bail them out. No, the person who runs the small business is losing his standard of living just as you are. Wages always lag behind prices because if an increase comes it is probably yearly while price increases happen almost daily. What exactly is inflation anyway? The traditional definition is an increase in the money supply, but recently the FED and treasury departments started referring to it as an upward trend in pricing, whatever that means. The government likes to tell us that the CPI (consumer price index) is the proper measurement of inflation. The CPI is just a bundle or basket of industries or companies that the government looks at to measure pricing. On that basket depends the COLA (cost of living adjustment) for Social Security recipients as well as all federal pensions. COLA is supposed to keep those people on “fixed incomes” from losing ground to inflation, so it is to the advantage of the government to hold COLA to a minimum and that is done through adjustments to the CPI. If you want to show that there is little or no inflation, make sure to have a lot of high-tech companies in the basket. Prices on certain electronics such as TV’s have actually fallen as knowledge increases. To prevent problems on the upside just take volatile industries such as timber, meat and other foods from the basket and CPI can appear to be under control. People see the prices of things they use continuing to rise, but most do not understand what is happening and if they do understand, what can they do about it? The FED has been good in recent years at keeping inflation from their constant money pump limited to Wall Street. In recent months,
  • Do You Wear a Mask if You Have Been Vaccinated?
    Darrell Castle talks about the question — Why would a person choose to wear a mask indoors or outdoors, but especially outdoors, if that person has been “fully vaccinated”. Transcription / Notes DO YOU WEAR A MASK OUTDOORS IF YOU HAVE BEEN VACCINATED? Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. Today is Friday the 11th day of June in this the year of our Lord 2021. This Report will ask the question, why would a person choose to wear a mask indoors or outdoors, but especially outdoors, if that person has been “fully vaccinated.” Is the person relying on and following the directives of science or the directives of those experts who speak for science? The Castle family is certainly doing well this rainy week in the river city of Memphis. We are celebrating my sister’s birthday since she is a year older as of yesterday the 10th.She and I are the survivors of 8 siblings, so we celebrate another year. We have often disagreed over the years as siblings do, but we do agree that neither of us wants to live in a high-tech version of East Germany. The family daughter is happily getting back into her career out in the city of angels, trying to rediscover normal in California. The other day I had a business meeting with a businesswoman in a building here in Memphis and when I got to the meeting, she was wearing a mask, but I was not. I try to be respectful of the wishes of others especially in their place of business, and if she had mentioned it, I would have put one on, but she did not. I asked her if she preferred that I wear one and she said “no, I am fully vaccinated”.  I said oh, then you are completely immune from the virus and could not possibly contract it from me and since you could not possibly be infected you could not possibly transmit it to me. Yes, she said, that’s what they tell me. If all that is true, then why do you wear a mask? For that question she had no answer because there is no answer that makes any logical sense, and she was not a stupid woman. She seemed open to discussing the matter, so I asked her if she really trusted the vaccine to be what she was told. She said “they” told her that if she got the virus after being fully vaccinated, meaning two vaccinations, she would not die or become seriously ill. I asked if she had any adverse reaction to the vaccination and she said just a little soreness. That conversation started me thinking about how even the experts at CDC now say that masks outdoors are no longer necessary. The recent email dump of 3200 emails from chief expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, revealed that he has known for over a year that masks are ineffective at stopping or preventing the virus and that the chances of contracting the virus outdoors are virtually zero. Despite all that, I still see many people wearing masks outdoors, so I wonder why. Stuck to the front door of a business I visited recently was a sign that said no one is to enter these premises without a mask. The choice there is simple, put on a mask or go someplace else but outdoors makes me wonder. Searching for answers to my questions, I found that I was not the only one with such questions. Filmmaker Ami Horowitz does a you tube show called Ami on the loose and the show I watched was him walking around New York City interviewing people wearing masks. His first question after getting their agreement to talk to him was normally, have you been vaccinated. Virtually every person seemed happy to talk to him and almost all of them said they had been vaccinated. His next question was why are you wearing a mask outdoors if you have been vaccinated? He tried to set them free by telling them the CDC said you no longer have to wear it outdoors. When he said that a few took their mask off and thanked him. Most did not, however, and they had different but similar reasons. Some typical answers: I just like it!  I got used to it. I don’t mind wearing it. Most people seemed to have adjusted to the mask as a way of life and were simply unwil...
  • All Roads Lead to the Vaccine
    Darrell Castle talks about how most of the original illogic and unanswered questions about the COVID virus have now been answered and those answers lead us toward the vaccine. Transcription / Notes ALL ROADS LEAD TO THE VACCINE Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. This is Friday the 4th day of June 2021 and today this report will talk about how most of the original illogic and unanswered questions about the COVID virus have now been answered and those answers lead us toward the vaccine. Why all the unnecessary fearmongering in the beginning, apparently to herd the world toward the vaccine, and that is the subject of this report. Here in Memphis Tennessee the Castle family is getting along just fine enjoying the spring weather and the beauty of nature. Most people would hardly notice the virus still lingers around just waiting for us to relax our guard. The family daughter is even starting the road back to normal or what passes for normal in California. I often used to ask myself why. That is in the beginning of the virus when everyone was very afraid, and no one seemed to know exactly what was going to happen. Why did countries all over the world suddenly adopt the same lockdown policies when those policies had never been tried before. Why were certain medications and supplements attested by many doctors as life saving suppressed and never really tested? Why were physicians at the top of the virology pyramid canceled by big tech and big media? Why did the big media companies put out the same hysteria that almost scared us all to death? Maybe there was and is more to this story than meets the eye. Maybe the reason for all these things was to steer the world to the vaccine. Is it fair to say the virus seems to have its own political agenda and its agenda always points to the vaccine? Those who manage the virus protocols for the world have been quite open in their goal of vaccinating every human on earth. That would seem to be illogical and completely unnecessary but still our managers are taking extraordinary steps to make sure it happens. For example, June is national action month to motivate us to get vaccinated by the 4th of July. I suppose the reason some are refusing is simple laziness. Maybe if the government paid us we would comply. Would it not be fair to say then, that much of the unnecessary hysteria was to help achieve that goal. It would work like the old western movies about the cattle drive. Something panics the herd, and they all start running often with fatal consequences. For us the end of the panicked running was the vaccine. Just as the cattle were too dumb to know that running was not good for them and they acted out of instinctive panic we are told to just get in line for the shot. When you ask the doctor, who insists that you get the vaccine, if it confers immunity from the virus all he can say is there’s a lot we don’t know. Well, that was a truthful answer in the vaccine beginning but there is a lot we do know right now. Let me take a moment to quote Dr. Peter McCullough, board certified cardiologist and internal medicine physician thanks to the website of Dr. Mercola. “I think this whole pandemic, from the beginning, was about the vaccine. All roads lead to the vaccine. There are plenty of places in southeast Asia and Europe where they are laying the groundwork for compulsory vaccination. Compulsory! That means someone pins you to the ground and puts a needle in you. That’s how bad the stakeholders want vaccination.” So, according to Dr. McCullough it’s all about the vaccine. The mask mandates, the lockdowns, the social distancing, the closed schools, the ruined businesses the closed churches, the daily death count on virtually all media, as well as the scenes of brave physicians and nurses clad head to foot in hazmat suits caring for rooms full of dying patients was conceived with on goal in mind: to prepare the entire earth for vaccination on an industrial scale never before seen...