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Resolution for Opposition to the Fair Tax

by Constitution Party National Committee
Harrisburg, PA


Whereas, Constitution Party candidates are often asked for their position on the Fair Tax; and

Whereas, potential supporters of Constitution Party candidates often favor the Fair Tax, and

Whereas, Constitution Party candidates and leaders are being asked and will be asked their party’s position on the Fair Tax and the reasons for that position,

Whereas, the Fair Tax is a direct tax upon the people, not authorized by the US Constitution nor under the 16th Amendment; and

Whereas, the Fair Tax does not guarantee a lower overall level of taxation but could result in a higher level of taxation than is currently being paid by Americans; and

Whereas, the Fair Tax continues and expands the welfare state by establishing a “Family Consumption Allowance” (FCA) provided to every registered household, regardless of income, which, if implemented, would constitute the single largest entitlement program in American history; and

Whereas, the Fair Tax expands the size of government by replacing the Internal Revenue Service with two new federal agencies, the Excise Tax Bureau and Sales Tax Bureau, as well as state-level agencies, where the primary collecting of revenues would take place; and

Whereas, the Fair Tax makes the states the primary federal tax collection agency, and requires state taxing authorities to annually register every household and household member in the state, accelerating the current trend towards treating states as mere administrative and political subdivisions of the federal government, thus putting the Constitutional principle of state sovereignty (under the 10th Amendment) in even greater peril; and

Whereas, the Fair Tax is a new method of funding extra-Constitutional activities outside the enumerated powers of the General Welfare clause, ignoring the clear intent of the Article I, Section 8 powers of Congress; and

Whereas, only the electing of individuals with a good understanding of America’s founding principles and a firm commitment to frugality and fiscal accountability can fix what the Fair Tax pretends to address; and

Whereas, we see no constitutional authority whatsoever to support the case for the Fair Tax, therefore be it

Resolved, that the Constitution Party does not endorse the Fair Tax; and further be it

Resolved, that the Constitution Party supports instead a constitutionally-correct state-based apportioned tax system.

September 2019
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