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Tom Schweich


I was in Nashville, Tennessee this week attending the National Religious Broadcasters Convention when I was able to visit with Todd Starnes about what is happening to our Country. God-less America pretty well sums it up.
This was a sad week for Missouri. Regardless of political parties, a loss of a life trumps all other issues. Of all the emerging stories which attempt to piece together the reasons for his suicide, there are two we reject:

1.) This was not because anyone was concerned about Tom’s lineage. If our country’s voters have elected Muslims and homosexuals we have proven that voters will support their candidate (or their Party) more than any other criteria. I am stunned that anyone would think Jewish ancestry is a negative. Most people I know would think it is a bonus.

2.) Even if people say mean things, nobody can force someone to end his life. It still is up to the individual to interpret and manage his own circumstances.

Here are two truths:

1.) It is possible to look like one has everything—a great job, great staff, great office, great neighbors. a great family—and yet be unsatisfied.

2.) Love, compassion and understanding are always desirable—even in a politics. We can all make the world a better place by showing kindness in affliction.

My heart goes out to his family.

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