Changing the Course of a Nation


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    by Cynthia Davis – I can remember many times through the course of eight years when we debated bills and I stood at my microphone asking the members if we are a state legislature or a school board. It always puzzled me when we would pass laws pertaining to how to run a school district…

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    Ballot Questions

    by Cynthia Davis – Voting is a moral issue. We owe it to ourselves and our government to take the time for thoughtful consideration before we cast our votes.

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    The Family Project

    by Cynthia Davis – On our show, Home Front, we get to hear from Glenn Stanton, Director of Family Formation Studies at Focus on the Family.

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    Minimum Pay

    by Cynthia Davis – Most businesses need employees, but they certainly don’t open up for the purpose of taking people off the streets and giving them jobs as a p…

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    by Cynthia Davis – Don’t we all love happy endings? Despite the efforts on the part of most governments to hide our records from us, there are some stories where people are still able to find their relatives. On our show, Home Front, we get to hear the story of a lady who gave away her baby and after 80 years was able to reconnect with her once again. Join us as we learn what made this joyful reunion possible.

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    Ferguson Riots: Virtue vs Lawlessness

    by Cynthia Davis – John Adams wrote that “Our form of government is fit only for a moral and religious people.” We have seen that laws alone do not stop crime and we cannot have freedom or liberty without morality. Unity and harmony allow us to enjoy the blessings of peace and contentment. It is essential that we strive for better communication.


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    Life, Liberty and Property Summit

    Oct 4 @ Jefferson City, MO – Doug Enyart, congressional candidate will attend the Life, Liberty and Property Summit in Jefferson City.

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    Freedom Fest

    Oct 10 & 11 @ Annapolis, MO – Come to the Freedom Fest on Friday and Saturday and meet Doug Enyart, congressional candidate.

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    Meet & Greet Doug Enyart for Congress

    Oct 14 @ Dexter, MO – Meet candidate, Doug Enyart at the Church of Christ fellowship hall in Dexter.

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    Howell County Campaign for Liberty

    Oct 16 @ West Plains, MO – Guest speaker, Doug Enyart, will be talking at the Howell County Campaign for Liberty Meeting at Chen’s Restaurant in West Plains, MO.

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    Ozark Heritage Festival

    Oct 17 & 18 @ Piedmont, MO – Visit the Ozark Heritage Festival and meet congressional candidate, Doug Enyart.

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    Doug Enyart for Congress – Town Hall Meeting

    Oct 20 @ Thayer, Missouri. Doug Enyart, candidate for congress, will be available at a “town hall meeting” at the Senior Center in Thayer, Missouri.

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    Cape County Tea Party Candidate Forum

    Oct 21 @ Cape Girardeau County – Doug Enyart, congressional candidate, will be at the Cape County TEA Party Candidate Forum on Tuesday, October 21st. Location is to be announced.

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    Fall 2014 National Committee Meeting

    Nov 14 & 15 @ Cincinatti, OH – Attend the Constitution Party’s Fall 2014 Committee Meeting featuring keynote speaker, Ben Swann, and Leadership & Training Seminars and a Riverboat Dinner Cruise.


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