Changing the Course of a Nation


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    Constitutional Amendment # 6

    From now on in a normal 4-year election cycle, there is one March Presidential Primary, four April, two August and two November elections. There might also be other elections in some counties or possibly a statewide “Special” election.
    This amendment would allow early voting in ONLY the November elections. All other elections are not included. Additionally, this will allow very limited early voting to happen only if the legislature appropriates the money.

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    Constitutional Amendment #2

    This Amendment pertains to sexual predators. Everyone despises sexual predators. When children are the victims, it is even more despicable.

    On first glance, we all should have strong feelings about how horrible it is for anyone to hurt anybody, especially a child. This might pass because people think we can do something more than what we are already doing. However, we already have laws to punish sexual predators.

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    Constitutional Amendment #3

    Article IX of the Missouri Constitution establishes the framework for education in Missouri. Section 161 establishes the Department of elementary and secondary education which oversees and supervises public education in the state.
    When you cut through all the legal language, this amendment deals with hiring, firing, promoting and disciplining of teachers…


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    Cape County Tea Party Candidate Forum

    Oct 21 @ Cape Girardeau County – Doug Enyart, congressional candidate, will be at the Cape County TEA Party Candidate Forum on Tuesday, October 21st.

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    Fall 2014 National Committee Meeting

    Nov 14 & 15 @ Cincinatti, OH – Attend the Constitution Party’s Fall 2014 Committee Meeting featuring keynote speaker, Ben Swann, and Leadership & Training Seminars and a Riverboat Dinner Cruise.


Home Front by Cynthia Davis The Castle Report by Darrell Castle


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by Cynthia Davis – THEY LIED TO US! Most of you have heard the statistic that about half of all marriages break apart. However, those numbers are wrong. If false facts are being promoted and repeated, it is harmful to the institution of marriage.

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Withholding the Money

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by Cynthia Davis – Amendment # 10, which is on your ballot in November, is more about partisan wrangling over who will control the purse strings. It contains a mix of good and bad together. If you mix a good idea with the right amount of bad ideas, everyone has a reason to vote for it or against it. You will not feel the effects of this either way.

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Early Voting

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by Cynthia Davis – The point is that some people will vote “yes” for whatever is on the ballot just because they figure if someone wants it bad enough to ask, they might as well just give it to him…

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by Cynthia Davis – I can remember many times through the course of eight years when we debated bills and I stood at my microphone asking the members if we are a state legislature or a school board. It always puzzled me when we would pass laws pertaining to how to run a school district…

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Ballot Questions

Posted on Sep 16, 2014 | 0 comments

by Cynthia Davis – Voting is a moral issue. We owe it to ourselves and our government to take the time for thoughtful consideration before we cast our votes.

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The Family Project

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by Cynthia Davis – On our show, Home Front, we get to hear from Glenn Stanton, Director of Family Formation Studies at Focus on the Family.

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