Missouri News

Missouri News

Missouri total deer harvest up 4%

News Tribune

Missouri's 2020-21 deer-hunting season ended Friday, with the Missouri Department of Conservation reporting a preliminary total deer kill for the season of 296,516.

Of the deer killed, 140,468 were antlered bucks, 28,587 were button bucks and 127,461 were does, according to an MDC news release.

Missouri Republicans moving to strip power from local leaders during public health emergencies

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

In action Wednesday, the Senate Health and Pensions Committee opened debate on a series of pro-business proposals that would put roadblocks in the way of county officials seeking to close businesses or religious services during a public health emergency.

Missouri Senate debates limiting local pandemic restrictions

Kansas City Business Journal

Missouri senators debated Wednesday whether to curtail local governments’ ability to impose restrictions on local businesses that are meant to control the Covid-19 pandemic.
Ready for Tax Liberty?

Ready for Tax Liberty?

The gross receipts tax is an opportunity for Missourians to experience tax Liberty, eliminating the need for all fees, state income taxes, property taxes, personal property taxes, overlapping sales taxes, with a tax taking a small percentage of the sale of all goods and services throughout the state, resulting in steady and greater tax revenues, relieving individual tax burdens and returning full ownership of property to the People.  Read the proposal HERE!
Must be fair – uniform
Preserve the ability to choose to buy
Has little impact on the market as possible
Tax to cost as little as possible for collection
No matter what happens, everybody is taxed uniformly (everybody ends up the same way)
Worked so well for Germany that it funded two world wars for them
Germany was so far in debt that they printed the money and used it to pay off the reparation, then used the GRT again.
Employs no social engineering, which impairs the freedom to choose (ends weaponized taxes)
The tax is included in the price
Hard to avoid – easy to collect
All of it gets added on to the price and paid by the consumer; consumer is paying for privilege of having the good or service available
Being used several places around the world - Kirksville, MO
Taxes only business and not private people (only have to track thousands of businesses instead of millions of people)
Big corporate operations that may have all manufacturing and production in house.
Growing into monopolies
Have an unfair advantage over smaller companies
Want government to be more fiscally responsible
Want the people to say yes or no to the question, vote by supermajority?
Want it to be constitutionally legal
Establish a stabilization fund for excess money; money in the bank to take in for 2 revenue free years. The remainder would go to reduce the rate
No governments can get into debt
NO BONDS (pledged assets to get public money); No public indebtedness;
Incur no more debt – payoff the old;
People vote – approval by supermajority;
Raise rate by a fraction of a percent for two years;
Can start the tax and invest it;
Do the project, which is paid for when it is done;
CANNOT go into debt
1999: Name changed to “Constitution Party” by delegates at the National Convention to better reflect the party’s primary focus of returning government to the U.S. Constitution’s provisions and limitations.


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